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Hurricane Ian – Impacts, Community & Science

Hurricane Ian: 

Impacts, Community & Science

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, Rising Tide Explorers & Naples Outfitters are working to help our community & monitor the impacts of the storm on our local environment

Shelling on Keewaydin Island - Rising Tide Explorers



Impacts of Hurricane Ian

RTE Army – Local Recovery

Outfitters Collection Site, Insurance Claim Assistance & GEAR SWAP 


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Impacts of Hurricane Ian

The impact of Hurricane Ian has significant impacts on our area to include 150MPH category 4 force winds, record breaking rain totals over 10+ inches, and historic storm surge of 6 – 12 feet that changed the landscape, destroyed homes, and affected the lives of thousands of people in our community.  From Collier to Charlotte County and beyond, the efforts to come together and get our local SW Floridians back on their feet has been inspiring.  The work is far from over, but the RTE Team and Naples Outfitters are out doing what we can to make a difference.

a small boat in a body of water

After scouting our favorite adventure sites, we were lucky to have minimal wind damage in the estuary and most of our typical tour & rental routes are still navigable.  The RTE team took to the estuary shortly after the storm to assess the impacts and found it navigable, but will continue observing as the estuary reacts to this significant disturbance event.

Keewaydin Island, our favorite shelling beach, was completely washed over, changing the shape of the island in some areas and carrying with it debris from several homes on the island and tons of sand.  We observed parts of docks, propane tanks, water tanks, boats, roof parts, and more washed up on adjacent barrier island and we will be making an effort to clean it up in the coming months

RTE Army – Boots on the Ground for Ian Recovery

So many lost their homes and possessions during the storm, and the RTE, Naples Outfitters, and Friends of Rookery Bay Team has been out helping as many as we can.

a man standing in a rooma group of people preparing food in a parking lot









Our biologist Guides Captain Winston & Evan helped out at the shop collecting supply donations and distributing it to those in need.  After making a run of water and food to a retirement community nearby, they delivered supplies to a resident recovering from recent surgery with no ability to remove water, debris, or tend to his own wellbeing after him home was flooded with the storm surge.  With the help of some others, they were able to get him water & food before contacting emergency services to have him relocated to a safe place to be properly taken care of.  Without a doubt, they saved this man’s life.


Our guide Ryan, Ashley of Naples Outfitters, and RTE Sweep Extraordinaire Ray made the rounds to other local businesses impacted by the storm.  Ashley’s husband Sean, owner and founder of Swamp Axe, an amazing axe throwing bar in East Naples, experienced 3.5 – 4 feet of flooding throughout the building.  Several days were spent removing debris, pushing out water, salvaging what we could, and removing flooring and drywall up to the water line.  Much progress was made and there is still a long journey ahead, but swamp axe will be back in action soon!  They also made a stop at Mangrove Outfitters and Brookside Market that was severely flooded with storm surge.  Upon arrival their team had already worked had to clear out the shop and remove as much as they could.  Their team is strong and they will be back stronger than ever soon!


Ryan also made his was to North Naples to Palm River Village where he was able to help a dig out and reposition a trailer that was moved over 20 feet by storm surge with the tires buried in mud.  With some shovels, gravel, and one of our trusty RTE trucks we were able to pull it out and and reposition it safely.

a group of people standing in a room


RTE legends Sam, Aubrey & Ray made a trip over to a friend and supporter of Rookery Bay’s house to assist as well.  Her home was inundated with water almost up to the roof with nearly total loss.  A scary experience for her and her family during the flood, and we were glad to be able to lend a hand.  With the help of Friends of Rookery Bay Director Athan and some other FORB members, they removed furniture, ripped out drywall, removed flooring, and did everything necessary to prepare the house for repair and salvage what they could.  While this won’t recover all that was lost, it’s progress made and we were glad to help in any way we could.  We have also been frequenting Moorhead Manor in East Naples where Sam and Monica tore out flooring, drywall, and furniture to help those in need.

There is much more work to be done, and we are identifying more people to help as we navigate the recovery process.

Naples Outfitters – Supply Donation Site, Insurance Claim Assistance & GEAR SWAP

3570 Bayshore Drive
Naples, Florida

a bunch of items that are sitting in a car

Donation Drop-Off

Naples Outfitters is currently serving as a donation drop off location for supplies and gift cards to help those in need.  If you would like to contribute we are collecting cleaning supplies, baby supplies, storage bins, non-perishable foods, some clothing, and any other things that could help those who have lost everything.  Donations are being distributed directly to families and to Avalon Elementary who have a running list of families in need.

Insurance Claim Assistance

Many in the area lost everything including their outdoor equipment like kayaks, paddleboards, vehicle roof rack systems, trailers, outdoor apparel, packs, footwear, accessories, and more.  Insurance adjusters will require the replacement value of these products in order to file a claim and get them replaced.  Naples Outfitters is providing assistance to those needed to provide replacement values of relevant items.  Fill out the contact form on our website or give us a call at the shop and we are happy to provide and invoice for the full replacement value of lost or damaged items. If you are looking to replace these items, our shop is fully stocked and ready to place special orders for anyone who needs them.

Gear Swap REMIX – Donate Used Gear & get 15% OFF New Gear!

Several local organizations including St. Matthew’s House have expressed the need for outdoor gear and essentials like tents, sleeping bags, lights & lanterns, etc.  If you have used gear, come into the shop to donate it to those in need and take 15% OFF the purchase of new gear!


Fundraising Event for East Naples

Date:  November 5th, 2022
Time:  1PM – 7PM
Location: Naples Outfitters & Ankrolab
Tickets: $20 Admission, includes transportation from parking areas & one drink ticket

a sign on the side of a building

To lift local spirits and raise money for those in need, the business community of East Naples is hosting a block party event!  Live music, food, drinks, games, raffles, giveaways, activities, and more will be hosted at Naples Outfitters and Ankrolab Brewing Company on Bayshore Dr.  Tickets are $20 and will include a shuttle from parking areas and one free drink ticket.  Schedule of musicians and events is coming soon, so stay tuned for more details!  You don’t want to miss the IAN DUNK TANK!  Take out your frustrations by throwing fast balls at a target to dunk a bunch of guys named Ian.  It’s not their fault…but it’ll make us all feel better anyway.  More details will be coming in the following weeks.  STAY TUNED!


The best way to support local business in our area is the purchase a gift card!  Get a gift card for Rising Tide Explorers to plan your next adventure, or a gift card to our shop Naples Outfitters as a great gift or to put towards the future purchase of new outdoor gear!!

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More updates are coming soon highlighting the research our biologist guides are conducting to monitor impacts of the storm and collect data on how our local environment is recovering!  Stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter at !

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