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High Points Ancient Island Excursion

Sand Hill, Rookery Bay Reserve

Quick Details

Capacity: 6

Duration: 3 Hours

Launch Times: 9:00AM & 1:00PM

*9AM only from May – October

Launch Site: Rookery Bay Field Station

Price per Passenger
Private Tour Up to 6 Passengers

Ancient Island Excursion

Cruise through back bays and winding mangrove creeks to visit one of the most remote and unusual places in the Rookery Bay Reserve. This adventure will take you to Sand Hill, an ancient sand dune relic from the Pleistocene Era and one of the highest points in all of Collier County. Follow your biologist guide on a hike into the Coastal Scrub to see and appreciate the geologic history of Sand Hill as you enjoy an incredible view over the estuary. Visit ancient human burial grounds and learn about the history of this unique place while encountering specially adapted trees, shrubs, and wildflowers of this unique ecosystem hidden in the estuary.  After taking in the view, keep your eyes out for bald eagles nesting nearby and take a close look at the unique plant community that exists because of this rare geologic feature. This trip allows our explorers the opportunity to experience a place few visitors get to see that can only be accessed through this unique adventure with Rising Tide Explorers.